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Bruce Wilson has provided coaching for executives and small business owners; training and skills development for sales, leadership, and negotiation; and support for conflict resolution. His work with clients from many different occupations, experience levels, and organizational sizes gives him a broad perspective and master set of conceptual keys to open business doors of all types.

bruce wilson

Bruce Wilson

Bruce has counseled businesses ranging from software developers and construction contractors to major financial institutions as well as both not-for-profit and government entities. His own prior employment experience has included executive management, operations, business development, customer relations, product development, market research, public relations, software development, human resources, contract negotiations and enforcement, alternative dispute resolution, and regulatory compliance.

Bruce has a degree in Psychology and Social Relations from Harvard College, where he focused on organizational psychology, dispute resolution, group behavior (including over 100 SYMLOG lab hours with Robert Freed Bales), counseling, and statistical methods for assessing individuals and groups. He has a degree in Law from the University of Pennsylvania where he focused on contracts, conflict resolution, and employment issues.

Clients have described him as well-informed, supportive, and insightful.

Contact Bruce Wilson at or by phone at (206) 963-2085.

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