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Bruce Wilson's notebook

Bruce Wilson's Notebook

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link page: The one page (two sided) consensus tool "cheat sheet"
  - June 6, 2006 -

link page: Reaching Consensus -- using a five degree consensus scale
  - May 25, 2006 -

link page: Balancing cost and quality in decision-making
  - March 29, 2006 -

link page: Too much talk, not enough action: how to switch it around
  - March 3, 2006 -

link page: When to use Consensus for decision making
  - December 8, 2005 -

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link page: The one page (two sided) consensus tool "cheat sheet"
  - June 6, 2006 -

Welcome to my online notebook. My name is Bruce Wilson, and I'm a leadership and customer relationship coach, trainer, and facilitator based in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. I consider myself lucky because it's part of my job to have candid, in-depth, action-oriented conversations with business people from many different types of jobs and levels of experience. My clients' broad differences and surprising similarities push me to keep an open mind and not assume I know it all while staying on the lookout for simple solutions that can work for everyone.

To give my clients the help they ask for, I wind up regularly studying (and even making sense out of) the research and writings of business and interpersonal communications "experts." Between my client work, reading, interaction with professional colleagues, and running my own small business, every day I encounter tools, insights, approaches, and cautions which can be useful to business people in a variety of situations.

One of the things I enjoy about my work is the opportunity I have to cross-pollinate great ideas between different workplaces where these ideas can be put to good use. The notebook is another way to accomplish this.

You can access this notebook by browsing in the menu over to the right, and/or signing up for summaries that are e-mailed every week or so.

Some entries have tools and insights you can use in your business right now. Others are discussions of more abstract concepts that aren't intended to be directly applicable in a business setting but which may be of interest to people seeking more specialized knowledge.

Bruce Wilson - Seattle coach trainer and facilitator I hope you discover both new choices and flashes of motivation in these pages.

To give me your feedback, or contribute your ideas, please e-mail me at notebook@wilsonstrategies.com. Thanks for dropping in.

- Bruce Wilson

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